Last updated on: 18 September 2019

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Thank you to the entire CMC family for a wonderful Summer!  

The club is closed for the Fall offseason and we look forward to seeing you upon reopening of the club for the Winter season in December.

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Dec. 2019


Dec. 2019





T / E

T / E

CMC’s mission is to enrich the lives of its Members by providing a unique mountain experience, with other recreational and social activities, that foster friendship and fellowship within a private, Member-owned setting. CMC owns and operates a private mountain club for the recreation, pleasure and benefit of its Members. Memberships in the Club are offered exclusively to permit Members the social and recreational use of the Club facilities. Memberships should not be viewed as an investment and no Member should expect to derive any economic profits from membership in the Club. The plans for development disclosed on The Club’s website and in other materials are tentative and conceptual only, and subject to change, in accordance with planning considerations, market conditions and demand. Future improvements must be considered planned, not promised. CMC is not obligated to develop any specific future facility at any specific locations and, subject to any governmental land use regulation of other planning considerations, may develop future facilities in alternate locations. This is not an offer in any jurisdiction in which the legal requirements for such an offer have not been met. No Federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of this property.


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allow these lands to reconnect us. bring us back to the pace of nature. and inspire adventure, curiosity and discovery. for generations.

never before

And probably never again.

With more skiable terrain than Aspen mountain, 1,610 vertical, and just 13 Member families, the fresh powder here lasts for days if not weeks after a storm. The summers are equally impressive with access to thousands of acres of private and public lands, Gold Medal Waters and boundless experiences. The well-appointed luxe Yurts, Cabins and expert guides and staff ensure you’re very comfortable. And it is all reserved for the exclusive use of the Members and their guests.

comfortable luxury

At the doorstep of adventure.

The two luxe sleeping Yurts and Club Cabin, and the kitchen/dining and lounge Yurts make it easy to host friends and family. Here, the Members enjoy ranch-inspired, Executive-Chef-prepared meals, and attentive, thoughtful service from the staff. Undeniably, some Members will want to build their own cabins, and for that each receives a private site on which to build at their leisure.

entirely remote

And yet, so accessible.

CMC is tucked away in southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, between Telluride and Crested Butte. Surrounded by undevelopable public and National Forest lands, and just south of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, CMC is home to some of the most inspired wilderness experiences in the Country. While CMC feels incredibly remote, it’s just 45 minutes (10 minutes by helicopter) from the Montrose Airport, which offers private aircraft services and seasonal non-stop, commercial flights from Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, New York and Texas.